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Mail Hall 2.jpg
The Main Hall
Main Hall has hardwood floors
 a stage with a pull-down screen.
A sliding divider can be opened to
unite the Main Hall
with the Cafeteria for a
large L-shaped room. 
The Main Hall holds 200 people.
Room Size:
40 ft x 62 ft
The Cafeteria.jpg
The Cafeteria
The Cafeteria has
hardwood floors.
A sliding divider can be opened to
unite the
Main Hall with the Cafeteria.  It connects to the Kitchen with a passthrough window
as well as a door.
The Cafeteria can be rented alone or together with the adjoining kitchen, or Main hall. The kitchen has a pass through window that can be opened for food service or used as a bar.
The Cafeteria holds 100 people
Room Size:
30 ft x 38 ft
Commercial Kitchen.jpg
The Commercial Kitchen

The Kitchen is a

certified commercial kitchen.

It has a commercial range and grill, microwave and sanitizing dishwasher. Rentals include dinnerware

and cutlery.

The kitchen can be rented

separately or with a room/s.

Room Size:

21 ft x 15 ft

The Board Room
Perfect for a small business meeting or hobby group.

The Board Room holds 36-40 people.

Room Size:
23 ft x 21 ft
The Board Room.jpg
Please note that all renters are required to have general liability insurance.
For Booking Inquiries, use our dedicated booking email.

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