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Oceanside at the Table

Oceanside at the Table (OAT) is a pioneering initiative brought to life by a Community Wellness grant from Island Health, embodying a partnership that spans the Bradley Centre (Mid-Island Pensioners & Hobbyist Association), the Qualicum Beach Seniors Centre, and the Naut'sa mawt Oceanside Wellness Network. This collaborative project is dedicated to enhancing access to nutritious food and expanding food literacy resources across our community.

What We Do: At the heart of OAT's mission is the simple, yet profound act of coming together to make soup. This act of unity serves multiple purposes:

  • Connections Café and Qualicum Beach Seniors Centre: Volunteers across our organizations prepare and serve soup, creating a warm, welcoming space for individuals to gather, connect, and enjoy nutritious meals.

  • Punch Card System: In a concerted effort to destigmatize the need for assistance, the Bradley Centre and Qualicum Beach Seniors Centre have introduced a punch card system. These cards, which circulate among our members and are also provided to those experiencing low income or food insecurity, offer a dignified way to access our services and participate fully in our community offerings.

  • Support for Vulnerable Populations: Recognizing the ongoing need within our community, OAT ensures that frozen soup is available for organizations that serve vulnerable populations, extending the reach of our collective care and support.

Our Goals:

  • Accessibility: By making nutritious food more accessible, we aim to address food insecurity head-on, ensuring that all community members have the resources they need to thrive.

  • Education: Through food literacy programs, we empower individuals with the knowledge to make healthy eating choices, fostering a community that values and understands the importance of nutrition.

  • Community: OAT is more than just a food initiative; it's a movement towards creating stronger, more connected communities where everyone feels they belong and can contribute.

  • Volunteer Empowerment: We are actively building a robust volunteer base, recognizing that volunteering not only supports our mission but also brings significant benefits to the volunteers themselves. Through their engagement, volunteers gain a sense of purpose, connect with their community, develop new skills, and experience the joy of making a difference. Our initiative is committed to creating rewarding volunteer opportunities that enhance personal growth and community well-being.

Join the Movement: We warmly invite you to be part of this transformative initiative. Whether by volunteering, donating, participating in our programs, or benefitting from the resources offered, there's a place for everyone at OAT. Together, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of our neighbors and friends, one bowl of soup at a time.

Stay connected with us for upcoming events, volunteer opportunities, and the many ways you can be involved in nurturing our community through Oceanside at the Table.

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