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Food Programs at the Bradley Centre

Farmers' Market Nutrition Coupon Program


This program runs from June through November. 

The Bradley Centre/Mid-Island Pensioners & Hobbyist Association is a proud community partner of the BC Association of Farmers' Markets nutrition coupon program. This program provides coupons to low income seniors and families participating in food literacy programming at the Bradley Centre. These coupons can be used at participating BC Farmers' Markets to purchase vegetables, fruits, nuts, eggs, dairy, herbs, vegetable & fruit plants, honey, meat and fish.

To learn more about the program please go to the visit the BCAFM website.

Please note that the Farmers' Market Nutrition Coupon Program is currently full for this year, but we are accepting applications for the waitlist in case spaces become available.

Savour & Share


Savour & Share is a 20-week project created and hosted by The Bradley Centre. The primary objective of this initiative is to promote food literacy within our community by facilitating knowledge-sharing and engaging discussions around various food-related topics.

Each week, a different food literacy topic will be introduced, ranging from nutrition and cooking techniques to sustainable food practices and cultural cuisines. Community members are invited to participate by:

Engaging on Social Media: We encourage the community to share their thoughts, questions, and experiences related to the weekly topic on our social media channels. This fosters a dynamic online conversation and allows individuals to connect virtually.

Contributing to the Whiteboard: At the Connections Cafe, participants can visit the designated whiteboard area to leave comments, questions, tips, and tricks related to the weekly topic. This interactive space serves as a hub for sharing knowledge and sparking discussions among attendees.

2024 topics will be published at the beginning of June. If you have suggestions for a topic and/or would like to host a workshop for this program, please contact our manager by email:

BC Food Skills for Families


Food Skills for Families is a free hands-on skill building program developed by dietitians and educators. The program strives to create welcoming environments where food, food knowledge, practices, skills and traditions are shared amongst, and between, participants and facilitators in the community. 

All participants experience the rich social benefits of cooking and eating together while learning and sharing cooking skills, food knowledge and basic nutrition.

Stay tuned for registration information!

Bradley Member's Connections Cafe


At the heart of our community is the Connections Café, a vibrant spot where new friendships bloom and old ones are nurtured. Every week, our dedicated volunteers prepare delicious homemade soup that's served every Thursday from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM.

For just $2, Bradley Centre members enjoy a warm bowl of soup paired with your choice of coffee or tea—a comforting treat that's easy on the wallet. Craving something sweet? Delight in our selection of baked goods, also available for $2. Membership is available to purchase in the cafe and is only $5 for the year. If the membership fee is a barrier, individuals can visit the office for a complimentary membership.

In our commitment to ensuring that everyone in our community has access to nutritious meals, we offer special support for those experiencing food insecurity. If you or someone you know could use a little extra help, please visit our office. We provide a punch card system that not only offers complimentary access to the Bradley Centre's activities but also carries with it a sense of dignity and privacy. These punch cards, which are also available for purchase, have been embraced by many in our community. This helps destigmatize the need for assistance, because one would never know if the punch card had been purchase or gifted.

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