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  Do you have a caterer at the Centre?  
Frequently Asked Questions:
  Does the Centre offer discounts to non-profit groups?  
        Yes!  We are happy to offer non-profit groups and registered charities at a discounted rate.    
In order to receive this, groups must have a current membership with the Bradley Centre.    The cost of membership is $2.00/year.    Please  Contact Us  for a membership application.
        Please  Click Here  to view our non-profit rates.
  What are your standard room rental rates?  
​                         Please Click Here to view our standard rental rates.     

  Can I serve alcohol at my event?  
     Alcohol service is permitted, however, certain licensing is required.
  Are there any restrictions on the type of decor I can bring i 
     We love to see your ideas come to life!  Decorations are welcome at the Centre, with the exception of open    flame  candles, confetti or glitter.  Adhesives are strictly prohibited, but the
<<<<   Centre is equipped with metal rails and cork strips for hanging decorations.   >>>>  ????????????
    We do not have a caterer on staff but we welcome your outside caterers.   Alternatively, we can provide a list of local caterers.
  Do you have a bartender at the Centre?  
No, we do not have bartenders on staff.   You can bring in whoever you chose to bartend, as long as they have the appropriate Serving It Right Certification and you are also able to present the required Liquor License.   We recommend contacting local service clubs to run the cash bar for your event.
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